October 15, 2017

This Little Piggy


Created for TAW's challenge. This week was "Stripes".

Digis: Mischief Circus, Pixabay, my stash.

October 8, 2017

One Is The Loneliest Number


This song by Three Dog Night has always captivated me. 

This collage was done for Take A Word's Challenge - "Number"
Thanks for digital images goes to the kits and designers at Mischief Circus.

September 29, 2017

The Red Queen of Autumn


My favorite time of year is the Autumn, cool breezes, crunchy leaves and fabulous colors.
The Red Queen of Autumn is on the throne once again!

Digi images from Mischief Circus, Pixabay and Studio Girls.

Done for Take A Word weekly challenge. This week the theme was RED.

September 23, 2017

When He Was...


I used shadow boxes filled with the things a man would collect throughout his lifetime.
Each box reflects those things most important to him at various ages. 

This piece was done for the weekly challenge at Take A Word. This week's challenge was "Manly".

Thanks for the many digital images goes to Mischief Circus, Pixabay, E-scrap, Studio Girls and Shutter Stock...phew! 

September 17, 2017

Psychedelic Wings


Channeling my inner hippie for TAW's weekly challenge, the topic was WINGS.

Thanks for digi images goes to Mischief Circus kits Good Vibes and HS Studios Special Effects.

September 9, 2017

The Eight Of Hearts

The Eight Of Hearts

Our challenge this week over at Take A Word was "Heart".

I called this piece the Eight Of Hearts because there are EIGHT HEARTS in the image.
Can you find them?

Thanks to Mischief Circus for many of the bits of digi ephemera that went into this.

Here are the locations of the eight hearts:
1. Tag coming out of book has a medical heart illustration on it.
2. Gold filigree heart necklace laying on top of book.
3. Heart stamp on envelope.
4. Heart pierced with swords on tarot card.
5. Heart shimmering under glass face on silver fob watch.
6. Broken heart on back of black spider.
7. Heart shaped package wrapped in brown twine.
8. Winged heart motif on the antique button underneath rose stems.

Did you find them?

September 3, 2017

Glimpse of Autumn

Glimpse of Autumn

Autumn is just making an appearance now, after a long and very hot summer here on the Canadian prairies. It was the driest on record. 

I have managed to keep my flower beds alive with carefully timed watering. I would go crazy without seeing my garden flourishing. Those blessed drought tolerant Petunias have kept their color in abundance. The trees are suffering, the crops are suffering, in fact it is so dry that the power boxes attached to our homes have shifted due to the dry ground resulting in electrical fires that have damaged a number of homes. Ours has been jumpered to the main power box in the alley so we are safe...fingers crossed. Water mains have broken in record numbers requiring the city to hire more workers to handle the volume of breaks
Along with the dryness comes the proliferation of insects, there are so many aphids that their sheer volume blackens the rhubarb leaves. Hornets are everywhere, I've never seen so many! A squadron of them tried to build a nest in our air conditioning unit!  

 I fill the birdbath many times a day for the sparrows, robins and chickadees. The poor little things  cannot find a drop anywhere. No rainfall, no morning dew makes it hard for the birds to find a drink and take a refreshing bath.  

I will be glad when the fresh Autumn breeze begins to blow.