June 26, 2015

Floating Fantasy Island

 Floating Fantasy Island
I'm working through some of the tutorials offered in Photoshop Creative Magazine.
This nifty little island is a feature tutorial from issue 126 that I just couldn't pass up!
If you are not familiar with this excellent resource check out their website HERE:
I pick up the magazine from our local Chapters/Indigo. It is packed with tutorials
and the best part all the images required for each tutorial are included via download
from their website. My library of images and brushes has grown fairly large thanks to
Photoshop Creative.
This one had a ton of masking and lighting effects. I learned a lot but admit to throwing
 the magazine across the room a couple of times in frustration but I eventually got a
handle on the techniques.
Here are the images used in the project.

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  1. Love your art, love your blog and that fabulous header...I be back.


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