July 14, 2015

Goddess Of Ice And Snow

Yes, it is Summer here in the northern hemisphere, so why the snow and ice theme?
This has been a particularly hot and dry season, the worst on record for us here in Saskatchewan. Forest fires are ravaging our northern communities, blanketing much of the province in smoke.
We have had little rainfall this year, many of the farmers and ranchers are beginning to plow stunted parched fields under. My own garden refuge has been tough to keep alive with water restrictions in place by the city. Faithful watering just doesn't have the same life giving effect as Mother Nature's own rain. Even my old cats who love to lay in the cool shade of the trees would rather hide out in the house near the air conditioning unit.
So, to put myself in a "cooler" head space I decided to create a piece featuring all things snow and ice. I am a Canadian, ice water runs in my veins!
Thanks to Mischief Circus for many of the gorgeous elements in this piece.


  1. She is a frosty beauty, I can feel the icy air surrounding her. It's been a hot summer all around, thank goodness for the AC as long as we don't have a power failure!

  2. Beautiful cooling on this hot summer day- glorious collage!

  3. Thank you for this cool and beautiful collage Marilyn!
    Here, in south of France, near the Mediterranean sea, it's incredibly hot too since three long weeks now, so, I appreciate your beautiful queen as strongly as she deserve!

    (You and your old cats are lucky to have an air-conditioned house :)


Thank you so much for taking the time to put a little air under my wings. I so appreciate your observations, comments and praise. Hugs!