July 27, 2015

Let Them Eat Cake

They told to Marie Antoinette:
"The beggars at your gate
Have eyes too sad for tears to wet,
And for your pity wait."
But Marie only laughed and said:
"My heart they will not ache:
If people starve for want of bread
Let them eat cake."

The Court re-echoed her bon mot;
It rang around the land,
Till masses wakened from their woe
With scyth and pick in hand.
It took a careless, callous phrase
To rouse the folk forlorn:
A million roared the Marseillaise:
Freedom was born.

And so to Marie Antoinette
Let's pay a tribute due;
Humanity owes her a debt,
(Ironical, it's true).
She sparked world revolution red,
And as with glee they bore
Upon a pike her lovely head
--Her curls dripped gore.
Start image by Vigee-Lebrun
Other elements in this piece by Deviant Scrap's Queen of Cakes
and ItKuPiLLi's Spiritus Mortis United


  1. This is extremely well done. Love it and thanks for playing in my challenge :)

  2. Just gorgeous art piece and poem. Thanks for sharing♥

  3. Beautiful (and) ironic collage Marilyn.
    The BG is fantastic and the people dying are tremendous.
    You've done a wonderful brioche hairdo! :D
    I love the words too.

  4. Poor Marie life in a fairy tale with no happy ending... this is wonderful art with great symbolistic details...wonderful.

  5. You have transformed her famous, haughty words really well in your collage! Great. Ulrike

  6. This background is fantastic, and your Marie is beautifully done. I love that you accompanied it with Service's poem!

  7. Beautifully done through imagery, art and symbolism- fantastic!

  8. Beautiful and complex piece! I love that there's more than meets the eye at first, love images that tell stories!


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