August 4, 2015



My road is fenced with the bleached, white bones
And strewn with the blind, white sand,
Beside me a suffering, dumb world moans
On the breast of a lonely land.
On the rim of the world the lightnings play,
The heat-waves quiver and dance,
And the breath of the wind is a sword to slay
And the sunbeams each a lance.

I have withered the grass where my hot hoofs tread,
I have whitened the sapless trees,
I have driven the faint-heart rains ahead
To hide in their soft green seas.

Drought - an excerpt by William Henry Ogilvie
Done for Three Muses challenge of the week - Weather In Your Part of the World.
Courbert self-portrait from the British Library On-line, cracked ground from,
background from Mischief Circus Vagabond Adventures, flames and smoke  from Mischief Circus Alchemist and that fabulous sun flare from Holliewood Studio's Special Effects


  1. Oh a great big standing ovation from me for this fabulous artwork AND for the poem too. I love them both.

  2. Hahaha!
    'Le Désespéré' of Courbet is just perfect for your message Marilyn!
    Great job!
    (I had the chance of seeing the real piece, and, I must say, I was completely enthralled by this contemplation... almost until the closing of the museum).
    The poem is so impactful and sensitive too...
    We are in the same state here in the south of France, so I'm totally with you! :)

  3. What a stunning depiction of drought. Beautiful work of art, and thank you for sharing the Ogilvie poem. The two pieces are wonderful. I wish those of us who have had more than enough rain could share with you, California, and the South of France!

  4. Stunning visual and poem for this challenge Marilyn- wow!

  5. Wonderful artwork! Beautifully presented. TFS.


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