October 4, 2015


In fact working on this collage gave me heart palpitations, seriously, the phone rang
while I was working on this and I nearly hit the roof.
See that one laying on its back in the right corner, the one with the fat body that squishes
if you step on it...OH, MY GOD...it makes my skin crawl.
I really need to stop working on this post and go and get a drink of water (or something stronger).
My skin is crawling and I swear I can feel something crawling in my hair.....
Before I run from the room screaming thanks Mischief Circus for your
and to Pixabay for the creepy moth pictures and those eyes.
Facing my fears for Collage Obsession's challenge - What Creeps You Out?
....I'm outta here!


  1. The expression in the eyes, the position of the hands, the two main colours, the thirteen different elements, it is so much imposing!
    Herzlich Petra-Pippa

  2. Me, too get my flesh greep with them. I've just making mine and it is much like yours. Your is super greepy, I'm shivering...
    Ggreepy night, my friend ‼

  3. This is a fantastic piece- moths don't bother me but I'm not a fan of scorpions or much for spiders either1

    Wonderful, spooky collage!

  4. Fabulous! The moths are so pretty, but I totally get you! They always fly out and creep! Yikes!! Love your art....really love love to see add it to our challenge at Dream in Darkness :)

  5. Now that is a funny story and I do love your makes!
    sandy xx

  6. The moths might be yucky but the collage is a beauty.

  7. I LOVE the use of sepia with black and white! Unusual and beautifully done!

  8. I absolutely adore this piece. Fabulous

  9. I love your picture with the moths, super phobia idea!
    But I myself like these fluttery night-butterflies very much, because they are so beautiful. Ulrike

  10. Well, certainly made me in goose bumps, SO effective, gorgeous eyes and then all those bugs, eeeek. Thank you so much for playing in Dream In Darkness this month, hope to see you back soon.


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