January 3, 2017

Striving To Find Calm In The Midst Of Chaos

Striving To Find Calm Midst Of Chaos

This piece was done for Three Muse's weekly challenge. The theme this week was "reflection", we were to find a word that would have special meaning to us in 2017.

I settled on CALM as this is a challenge for me. I get caught up in world affairs, being the newsy that I am, add to that the constant strain of social media and the general stuff that happens in daily life...well it can be very difficult to find a place to just slow down, take a breath and find center. 

I'll be trying to find a place of calm both within my own head and within my surroundings.

Credit for the digital images go to Itkupilli's Dolcevita and to Holliewood Studios for Street Cred, Art Anarchy, Love & War and Void. Check them out at Mischief Circus.com


  1. Hard to do but oh so important-a fantastic collage for the New Year!

  2. Let us hope you succeed, and in no time do not find chaos in the midst of your calm! Very expressive art. Here's to CALM!

  3. it is possible............at last you will not be victim!!!!!!
    those who become victim or vulnerabled, we all feel with them and their families!!!!
    Have a good 2017, wishes Petra

  4. Impressive collage and message.
    Wishing your year will be good and peacful.

  5. Yes, "calm" is something we all need in our lives and something we need to work at. A brilliant and clever illustration. Superb.

  6. so much to look at in your collage! and a very inspiring word.

  7. Strong messages to world. Wishing our year will be good and peaceful for everyone :)

  8. Oh my goodness this is beautiful.

  9. Perfect contrast of the calm in the center of a scary and stressful storm!


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