August 17, 2017

Miniature Mayhem!

It's been something I wanted to do for a very long time - build my own dollhouse. And that's what I started this past winter.

I didn't want to purchase a kit but opted for images I had floating around in my head to point the way for planning the structure. I'd like it to have a Colonial feel to it - hopefully:)

So, I started building in February (flying by the seat of my pants), the following posts show my progress of the last few months. It has been a blast putting this together!

The next step was to design and cut out the window pieces. The frames were glued together and painted. Each window has a piece of extremely thin Plexiglas installed between the frames.

With the windows and shutters installed I began to apply the siding. Each siding strip was a piece of heavy chipboard measuring 11" x .5" (previously painted). The WORST part of putting up the siding was cutting each piece to fit around the various angles of each window. I put in a few hours each day but it took weeks to finish! There probably was a better way to tackle this step but it's done, what a relief to get that over with.

Installing the shingles was a lot more fun than doing the siding! Each of the 2000+ shingles was cut out and glued on individually. It was a very ZEN experience, tunes playing in the background, cat purring under the table. I enjoyed this part♥

Designing a building a functioning door was a challenge but super fun. I had tiny hinges from a previous project that worked perfectly for this door. A small piece of glass is installed at the top to let the interior light shine through.

I carved the exterior stone walls from blue insulation foam, my go-to material for carving stone walls, fireplaces, tombstones, etc. After the carving was finished I base painted them with acrylic paint followed by a wash of acrylic brown paint. Each panel was installed over the foundation layer of the house.

During the summer I have been working on the interior flooring, pictures coming soon!

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