June 17, 2015

Dancing With Death

Dancing With Death
Dance with me said death
Come dance in the dark
We are both all alone
And the darkness so stark

Embrace me said death
Wrap your warm arms around my bones
We are both without hope
Both of us so alone

Take my hand said death
Follow me down to the crypt
And Lay there beside me
Where both of us can rest

Stay with me said death
Here beyond the light of day
Let your bones join my own
In silence and decay
                      -Richard Autry
I put a personal spin on this one by ending Richard's poem with a more
triumphant outlook for the souls of the dearly departed.
Thanks to Mischief Circus for many of the elements in this piece from
their collections: Spiritus Mortis United, Human Skeleton and Halo Papers.


  1. This collage specially speaks to me at the moment...
    It's beautiful and thought provoking.

    1. Thank you Sim, I'm so glad that you found something personally meaningful within it♥

  2. Marilyn, I just got here to see this wonderful piece from Dark Rosaleen's blog! She found our dark challenge Dream in Darkness through you and I wanted to thank you for having the badge where she could see it and also to see the fabulous blog she suggested we view! It was more than worth the visit! I would like to invite you to enter this master piece at our challenge this month if you would like and enter and visit us anytime you would like! This digital make is breathtaking and so amazing! Thanks again from Dream in Darkness hope to see you soon! Nan, CT

    1. Wow, Nan thank you so much! I would love to participate in this month's challenge on Dream In Darkness...love your blog. Thanks again for your wonderful comments, I am truly flattered♥

    2. Just saw you have entered and am doing my happy dance! Really cannot say enough about this piece...it is totally awesome and that doesn't do it justice! Thanks so much for hopping over to our house and playing with us this month! Nanxx

  3. Goosebumps! And that's rare for me!!!

  4. Magical! I really love this canvas, fantastic images! Love the digital canvas and awesome poem. So happy you came by and played with us at Dream in Darkness! Hope to see you again!~ CT kim

  5. Ohh wau! This is one of those art pieces that I'll remember and love that there is a poem to go with it. Amazing image! I took a look for your other makes too, absolutely awesome blog / art. Thank you for playing with us in Dream in Darkness, hope to see you back soon.

  6. Gongrats on your Dream in Darkness win. Fabulous piece.


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