June 14, 2015

How Great Seem The Dead

How great unto the living seem the dead!
How sacred, solemn; how heroic grown;
How vast and vague, as they obscurely tread
 The shadowy confines of the dim unknown!
  For they have met the monster that we dread,
Have learned the secret not to mortal shown.
E’en as gigantic shadows on the wall
The spirit of the daunted child amaze,
So on us thoughts of the departed fall,
 And with phantasma fill our gloomy gaze.
Awe and deep wonder lend the living lines,
And hope and ecstasy the borrowed beams;
While fitful fancy the full form divines,
And all is what imagination dreams.
  Canadian poet Charles Heavysege (1816-1876)
All collage elements from Mischief Circus/itKuPiLLi - Spiritus Mortis United


  1. A rich and thought provoking work of art- love your use of imagery with the poem!

  2. Thank you Lori! I found this poem and just had to do a collage to represent its meaning to me.

  3. The details around the crown are very cool! I think you've represented the sentiments of the poetry in a way that makes one think twice.

  4. Expressive and impressive collage Marilyn!
    I love the out of center character, it drives us to her blind eyes...
    Very beautiful indeed! :)

  5. This is simple stunning a wonderful thought provoking piece.


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