August 1, 2015

Dark Art Has It's Own Spark

Dark art has it's own
spark. Flowers in skulls
have brave hearts.
                    - Carolin

I put this one together for Take A Word's challenge Hearts and Flowers.
Thanks to the fantastic designers at Mischief Circus for
their digi collection Normal Insanity Art Journal Kit.
I used the base skull, background papers and red flower.
The motifs on the skull and in the background are from my collection of brushes.

Start Image


  1. Amazing artwork. Beautifully created.

  2. Yes! I love Dark art; well, your own at least! :D

  3. Wonderful and creative to the max!

  4. Love your 'dark' take on the theme, Marilyn!

  5. Original, fun and wonderfully done...great job.

  6. You certainly made magic with the base skull! Very skillfully done, and original and creative as well.


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