August 22, 2015


This Tarot card was created for Collage Obsession's challenge - Mythological Creatures
I have chosen Frigg, the wife of Odin.
I thought she would be perfect to represent the Empress tarot card.
I've tried to add as much of the symbolism that surrounds Frigg into this card as possible.
As an earth goddess she has a strong connection with WATER.
Frigg scries in a MAGIC MIRROR, exercising her powers of divination.
She is the patron of the Norse homemaker, accomplished on the SPINNING WHEEL. 
The KEYS represent her authority as the mistress of the household.
Her CLOTHING is blue, grey or white representing the clouds.
The CLOUDS are said to be her handiwork spun with her DISTAFF.
The ORION'S BELT constellation was called Friggerock or Frigg's spindle.
The HAWK represents the plumage Frigg wears to soar through the heavens.
Friday is named for Frigg, her holy day.
Thanks to Mischief Circus design team for the elements in this piece:
Itkupilli's Enchanted Castle and Celeste
Holliewood Studio's Metal Madness
Rucola's Silent Sirenia


  1. FRIGGA we call her in german!
    We will get an interesting card play all together.
    Herzlich Pippa

  2. She looks gorgeous. Very beautifully done.

  3. I love Tarot cards and your Empress is gorgeous as Frigg is!

  4. I have met the beautiful Frigg only here through your picture . Very good, that you've added their symbols. Great collage! Ulrike

  5. Fabulous work on this it is gorgeous.

  6. That is a gorgeous Tarot card. Thank you for participating! :)


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